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Best Bowls for Camping-Hiking

Collapsible Bowl
Best Bowls for Camping
Best Bowls for Camping

Best Bowls for Camping – Finding some of this stuff on amazon for camping can have its difficulties. We think this bowl is something everyone can benefit from today. The product Mr. Peanut’s Collapsible Silicone Camping Bowl with Lid & Foldable Fork is robust enough to last and comes in at a low cost, and low footprint allowing a lightweight carry in one’s backpack. This also is several other uses and can be used as a pet dish on camping and hiking trips. As a prepping foods item this can be great for long-term storage and will come in handy for emergencies or for other unknown reasons.

Camping and Hiking Bowl

This was actually done by Mr. Peanut as a pet water carrier, but we found it very useful for people as well. For use on the trail as a dog watering bowl is great, and it does not really matter what purpose you decide to use it for. We like to carry two colors so we never get it mixed up between our dual-use efforts on the hiking trail.

Camping And Hiking Gear Review – Collapsible Bowl

Bowl Uses

We find this extremely handy so in the video above we will show you. It comes in a special zip bag and you want to save the bag if you happen to buy this because there’s a little hole here in this special bag and that hole aligns with a hole in the device so you can put a Clippy in it you can hang it from your backpack as you’re traveling you can use it for your pet

You can use it for yourself as well, and see what it looks like in the video above. So this is a pretty handy product to have ready to go. If you look at how small this is and see how it can fit easily into your backpack. It can be clipped to the outside of your pack with the built-in whole, and plastic bag whole that aligns for the clip to fit into. The bowl does come in several colors, and we decided to go with the blue color. The lid comes off, and it seals very well so if you’re putting hot water in it, and you want to reconstitute something it’s going to get hot. The material allows it to keep the heat inside for an evenly spread of heat. This is important when reconstituting dehydrated meals.


Make sure you keep the bag since this bag is extremely handy. I’ve never seen a bowl that was designed to stay in the bag so you could carry it on your backpack, and there’s a little hole in this bag. This hole lines up with that hole right on the top of the lid. This allows you to insert a clip, and then hook it to the outside of your backpack. Pet’s also need water on long hikes, and this makes the bowl easy to get to for various amounts of reasons.

The bowl also comes with a folding fork, and it’s a simple fork that folds up to very little space and can be stored indie of the bowl. We have found large spoons to be of more use, but the fork is a great addition to your hiking pack.

Best collapsible bowls for camping – let’s see Mr peanut yeah Mr peanut premium that’s their website and so I’m pretty sure if you type in Mr peanut collapsible bull on amazon this is going to pop up you know what it looks like and so consider buying one of these so again please share these helpful videos so others can learn about some of these products and some of these easy to make meals make sure to visit us at like and share the video and uh we hope to see you sometimes on one of these trails talk to you later everyone travels on

I use this almost daily now and we did find this on amazon a couple of months ago. It shipped out to me on one of my trips and I used this daily. If you have been following our website and our Youtube Channel ExploreTraveler you have seen the remote places I have been traveling to. This bowl has been with me all the way. I keep one in my backpack ready to go at a moment’s notice, and one in my caping kit in the car.

In conclusion, the best bowls for camping are the ones that are easy to use, and easy to carry on the trail. We always consider our camping and hiking gear to be multi-purpose, and a prepping item to be used in times of emergencies as well. So get your’s ordered while supplies last. Order this here Mr. Peanut’s Collapsible Silicone Camping Bowl with Lid & Foldable Fork.

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