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The Travel & Career Store

Over the next few months, we will be adding more products we recommend, and use. These will be travel, outdoors, camping, and books. All of these will be affiliate links to Amazon or other stores outside of the USA.

As we move forward the store will begin to take shape, and be more integrated into our main travel domains, and have recommendations from the ExploreTraveler blog, Vlog, and John Gentry’s personal reading lists, and products for a career traveling the world serious on youtube.

Some of the products will be audiobooks from Amazon’s Audible, and other ebooks or hard copy books. Recently John has recommended his reading list via the spreadsheet here. Also, be sure to follow our podcasts where we offer several audiobooks for free, and have our new and old podcasts. Here is the link to our podcast via Spreaker.

So stay tuned, and we will automatically move this over to a sub-domain, and you will have better access to all of our material.